APHC Named President’s Club of Distinction for 2015!

Arizona Paint Horse Club has been designated as an APHA 2015 Club of Distinction award winner! APHC was additionally honored in 2014 with Gold Star regional club status!


Although APHC Membership is not required to participate in our shows, there are some wonderful perks that come with being a member of our club. APHC also has a wonderful Youth Club (AjPHC). AjPHC is a Service Club that teams up with the American Junior Paint Horse Association (AjPHA) to make a difference in the world.


APHC hosts numerous shows throughout the year from No-Bling Shows around the state to our nationally recognized Copper Country Paint-O-Rama. Visit our Show Schedule to see the complete line up.


President’s Message

Since its first charter as an American Paint Horse Association Regional Club in 1963, the Arizona Paint Horse Club (APHC) has served Paint Horse lovers of the entire state of Arizona.  Awarded the highest honors as a President’s Gold Star Club and Club of Distinction continually, APHC has stood the test of time as a network for Arizona APHA members.

APHA Regional Clubs are widely known as the “backbone of the American Paint Horse Association’s grassroots marketing program for the breed,” and they bring the “ideals of the American Paint Horse Association—a friendly atmosphere, a high regard for its members and the promotion of family values to horse enthusiasts at the local level.”  (APHA.com)

APHC embraces the philosophy as a regional family-themed club for its members, offering shows, trail rides, educational clinics, service opportunities, fun events, and more.  Our mission is to promote the Paint Horse, provide events for members and guests, educate the public about the American Paint Horse, and to host activities for all levels of competitors and the non-competing horse lover.  Above all, members are what comprise the APHC, a nonprofit entity which is governed by a Board of Directors, and largely operated by dedicated volunteers.

We also serve as a link and outreach program for the American Paint Horse Association, the second largest breed international breed registry, which was established in 1962.

Our arms are wide open to those who want to join our club, or simply learn more about the Paint Horse and enjoy what we know to be the greatest breed in the world.  We encourage you to contact us with questions, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and watch our website, which receives thousands of unique visitors each year, for regular updates.


Tom Gilmore

APHC President