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APHC established a Hall Of Fame to honor the  people who have significantly contributed to the industry Owning and competing with horses is a fantastic way for families to be active together and for youth to learn responsibility and sportsmanship, but the work of managing the organization and hosting shows is immense. It takes the dedication and commitment of a lot of people. We believe those being inducted in our Arizona Paint Horse Club Hall of Fame today are an inspiration.

The Hall of Fame is also designed to honor deceased horses who have provided significant enjoyment and excitement for competitors and spectators through their own accomplishment or accomplishments of their offspring.

Arizona Paint Horse Club “Hall of Fame” Inductees

Russ Sinclair

  • Born; May 22nd 1928 and  Passed in December 2019
  • Russ lived in Queen Creek Arizona
  • Russ Sinclair was a continued member of APHC for 25 + years
  • Russ served as an APHC President for 2 years back in the late 1990’s and managed several APHC Horse shows.
  • Russ and his wife Trish showed paint horses for many years. Bringing home many superior all arounds and several
    World and Reserve World titles.
  • Russ had many rolls in life severing as a police officer in Tucson in the 1950’s, running a ranch,
    worked for a structural steel Co.
  • Russ was also WWII veteran serving in the Army in Italy 1945 to 1948. Thank you for your service Russ Sinclair
  • Russ is now Honored by the Arizona Paint Horse Club Hall Of Fame

Colin and Jean Beals

  • Colin and Jean Beals live in Laveen Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix.
  •  Colin has been an APHA Director representing Arizona since 1968 and served as APHA President in 1973 and 1974.
  • During his tenure as APHA President, Colin promoted family togetherness, accessibility and the development of multi‐judge shows.
    In 1963, Colin helped found the Arizona Paint Horse Club and served as its first President.
  •  An owner and breeder of Paint horses since the early 50’s, Colin formally registered his horses with the Association soon after attending the 1967 National Show.
  • Since then, Colin and Jean Beals have been actively involved in the industry and instrumental in promoting the Paint Horse breed throughout the Southwest.
  • Colin is an APHA Hall of Fame inductee and now honored by the Arizona Paint Horse Club.

Peggy Hanshaw

  • Born 1939; passed in 2011.
  • Peggy represented Arizona as APHA Alternate National Director for five years and as APHA National Director for 21 years. She received the APHA Distinguished Service Award.
  • Serving on many APHA Committees, Peggy gained the experience to help the Arizona Paint Horse Club grow and become the APHA Club of Distinction it is today.
  • Peggy served on the original APHA Regional Club Committee, assisting new Clubs in establishing rules and bylaws, and helping them to incorporate.
  • Her influence can be seen today in the show ring – Peggy was involved in writing rules for the APHA Walk Trot 9 & under classes, providing a division for younger riders not yet ready to compete in the 13 & under division.
  • Peggy Hanshaw was a founding member of the Arizona Paint Horse Club.
  • Known as an ambassador for the Club, Peggy served as Club Treasurer for many years, keeping the Club on track financially and enabling it to thrive.

Jean Buzzard

  • Born July 14, 1929 in Illinois; passed September 6, 2013.
  • Jean served in organizations including Arizona Paint Horse Club as President for three years,
  • APHA as National Director representing Arizona for 30 years, Pima County Fairgrounds,
  • Southern Arizona Livestock Association and Arizona Junior Livestock Committee.
  • Jean was mentor to many AZ Paint Horse Club members and AZ 4‐H members and she established Pima County 4‐H Leaders Association.
  • For her many years of service, Jean was awarded with honorary degree from University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
  • Residing in Tucson since 1950, Jean is best known for starting Copper Country Paint‐O‐Rama horse show at Pima County Fairgrounds more than 30 years ago and eventually nurturing the show to be the largest Paint Horse show in the nation.

My Painted Robin

  • 1966 sorrel overo stallion; passed in 1984 at the age of 18.
  • Sired by Painted Robin (APHA Hall of Fame) out of Miss Revenue.
  • Bred by A.J. “Jack” Campbell from Jay, Oklahoma.
  • Purchased in 1971 by Colin Beals and was one of the first top Paint stallions to stand in the Southwest.
  • Earned APHA points in Halter, Roping and Cutting events and was 1973 national champion in Heading.
  • Nearly half of My Painted Robin’s 244 foals became performers themselves, earning more than 5,700 points, 25 Champion and two Versatility titles.
  • My Painted Robin is an APHA Hall of Fame inductee and now honored by the Arizona Paint Horse Club.

Selection Procedure Information


Any APHC member can nominate a person for the Hall of Fame by submitting the listed criteria information to the APHC as requested on the APHC Hall of Fame Nomination Form.

Nominees will be screened by the Hall of Fame Committee and the APHC Board of Directors with emphasis placed on their unselfish contribution to the Club and APHA rather than on their personal accomplishments. Another important consideration is that the selection of members to the Hall of Fame should more or less parallel the chronological order of the contributions of the nominees, with the early APHC members having preference. The Hall of Fame Committee should bear in mind that membership in the Hall of Fame is a means of honoring the members whose efforts benefited the APHC.

It is strongly suggested that no more than 2 people will be honored each year after the first three years (or less). It is not mandatory that the Club have a Hall of Fame inductee each year. Husband and wife nomination will be considered 1 person.

Nominee must be 50 years or older to be considered. Special circumstances will be reviewed by the Hall of Fame Committee.

Deadline for nominations is August 1 to be considered for induction the following year.

An award will be presented to the inductees or family.


Any APHC member can nominate a horse for the Hall of Fame by submitting the listed criteria information the APHC.

Nominees will be screened by the Hall of Fame Committee and the APHC Board of Directors based on the following criteria:

Selection should parallel the horse’s involvement in APHC and APHA competition chronologically.

The horse should be selected based on the enjoyment and excitement they have provided competitors and spectators alike either through their own accomplishment or those of their offspring.

Only deceased horses are eligible for nomination.

Selection to the Hall of Fame should never be used to promote or publicize a particular bloodline for commercial gain.

Deadline for nominations is August 1.

An award will be presented to the last known owner and/or rider according to the APHA records.

APHC Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria


  1. Years involved with the APHC
  2. Administrative involvement
  3. Mentorship
  4. Show record
  5. Special influences

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  1. Show record
  2. Show record of get
  3. Special influence
  4. Special honors awarded
  5. Current or last owner of record

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Please contact a Hall of Fame Committee Member with any questions or for more information.

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