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 2023 APHC Bylaws PDF Click Here

2023 Year End Financials will be available after April 1st, 2023

APHC 2021-22 Year End Financials

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Would You Like To Recommend a Rule Change?

If you would like to make a recommendation to change an existing APHC Rule, please print the Rule Change Form 2023 and follow the instructions to submit it to the Board of Directors for consideration. The Board of Directors appreciates your suggestions and would like to hear from you! All rule change proposals will be reviewed annually and approved by the board by the November 2020 meeting.

Send Rule Change Forms To:

Michael Moreno
APHC Rules Committee Chair
14847 N 29th Dr
Phoenix , AZ 85053


Comprehensive Club & Online Privacy Policy

The Arizona Paint Horse Club (APHC) is committed to protecting the privacy of all the individuals who support us in our efforts to enjoy and promote the American Paint Horse and the Arizonan equine lifestyle. We would not be able to carry out our efforts without the trust and confidence of our members and sponsors. We strive to protect the privacy of our members and sponsors with confidential membership processes, and through respecting our members’ wishes.

Collection of Personal Information

In order to function as a club, we collect the name, home address, home telephone number, and email address of our members. We also may collect name, business address, business telephone number, and email address of sponsors, vendors, and other equine professionals. Occasionally, information is also collected in person at special events.

Purpose for Collecting Personal Information

We only collect personal information, by fair means, for the following purposes:

•To maintain an accurate membership database.
•To organize member activities.
•To correctly maintain and/or quantify year-end points.
•To send tax receipts for sponsorship and tax forms for payouts/salaries received.
•To notify members about the Arizona Paint Horse Club activities, through email alerts, an email newsletter, print newsletter, and by phone calls.

We obtain consent to use the personal information for purposes listed above at the time of collection of information. Members, vendors, sponsors, and equine professionals have the option to decline use of their personal information used for any purpose listed above.

To decline use of information, members may choose the non-release option at the bottom of their membership form. Any member, vendor, sponsor, or equine professional wishing to decline may also contact the current APHC President. The current president will relay the requests to all involved parties, including, but not limited to, club secretary, membership chairperson, newsletter chairperson, committee chairperson(s), within 5 working days.

Disclosure and Retention of Personal Information

The Arizona Paint Horse Club never trades or sells email addresses. We use them to provide members with information. We do not distribute personal information of our members, sponsors, vendors and any other contacts unless we have their consent. We do, however, use a third party mailing house to mail our newsletter and show premiums. The third party in this instance is contracted to comply with strict information privacy standards, including rules and guidelines of federal privacy legislation. We also occasionally contact members, previous sponsors and vendors, and equine professionals regarding future sponsorship opportunities with our club and APHC-sponsored events. Email addresses of these individuals will not be distributed via mass email, nor will they be provided to any vendor or sponsor. It is the responsibility of the membership, and all other contacts, to provide any personal electronic information to preferred sponsors or vendors. The personal information of the members and all others is retained for an indefinite period and will be protected unless the member or any other individual or company requests the APHC to return or destroy certain, or all their, information.

Accuracy of Personal Information

We make every effort to accurately record all information. If you notice any errors or if your personal information has changed, please contact our membership chairperson to update your file.

Protection of Personal Information

Personal information is stored in our membership and newsletter databases and in hard copy files. Only a limited number of authorized Arizona Paint Horse Club volunteer personnel have access to the secured personal information.

Access to Personal Information

The Arizona Paint Horse Club’s Privacy Policy is available to anyone interested. It is available on the APHC website (, or a hard copy can be obtained by contacting the APHC President. Members are entitled to access to their personal information which is in the possession of APHC. If a member, sponsor, vendor or other contact wants to see their personal information, they are welcome to contact the APHC President. We will provide access to personal information (proof of parent/guardianship necessary if youth information is being requested) and provide any assistance required in understanding the nature of personal information that is in our possession. There is no cost to gain access to personal information. We may ask that the member, sponsor, vendor, or other contact put their request in writing. If we are unable to give access, we will inform the member or donor within 30 days, in writing, with the reasons for not giving access.

If a member or donor wishes to make a formal complaint about our privacy practices, they may do so in writing to the attention of the APHC President. The president will acknowledge receipt of the complaint, and ensure that it is investigated promptly and that the member or donor is provided with a formal decision and reasons in writing.

Specific Policies regarding Minors

All policies listed above will be followed in regard to youth members who are minors (under 18), or as long as a youth membership is in effect in accordance with APHC and American Paint Horse Association age requirements. In addition, pictures or photos of minors will not be posted by the Arizona Paint Horse Club on the club website without receiving written consent from the parent/guardian. Captions of the posted photos will not disclose the full name of the youth members or minors. Club documents linked to the club website will also abide by these policies.

Policy Updates and Changes

Due to the fast-changing nature of technologies, the Arizona Paint Horse Club may change this policy from time to time. Changes may occur without warning and they will be reflected on this page.

Further Inquiries
Your privacy is important to us. If you have any questions about the Arizona Paint Horse Club’s Privacy Policy or concerns about the way personal information is being used, please contact our club president.


The Arizona Paint Horse Club (APHC) has entered into exclusive contracts regarding the sale and distribution of photographs and video for all their events, including any other reproduction of the events. APHC reserves the right to regulate access to the horse show facilities by any vendor, photographer, or any other individuals or parties.

Commercial photographers are limited to the Official Horse Show Photographer and Videographer, and Press Photographers credentialed by the APHC. Press photographers (anyone taking pictures for newspapers and periodic publications) will be required to obtain a press pass and display it at all times. Press passes can only be obtained from the APHC.

Professional and/or commercial photography (any photography taken for resale purposes or advertisement) without prior written consent of the APHC is strictly forbidden. This policy will be strictly enforced. Violation of this policy will result in a request to cease and desist and possible revocation of admission for the current and/or future shows. In addition, any images related to these events: photo, video, or brand recognition is the sole property of APHC and will be vehemently defended under the United States Copyright Infringement Laws.

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